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2024 - A New Era. A New Identity.

By RKC Third Coast, 04/21/24, 1:00PM EDT


In 2023, RKC Third Coast stepped onto the pitch for the playoffs in its inaugural year. With 2024, RKC Third Coast is ushering in a new era with the expansion of the organization. 

RKC Third Coast is proud to announce the addition of its USL Youth and USL Academy program, providing more soccer opportunities for the community and young players. 

Along with this expansion is the new refined badge, which the RKC Third Coast Players will proudly wear on their chest. 

Each aspect of the badge has significance and connection to the organization and our communities. 


  • RED - In Recognition of the nautical rhyme that begins "Red sky at night, sailor's delight..." We showcase red of the coastline sunsets
  • BLUE - The blue color represents the waters of Lake Michigan, which creates the coastlines we love
  • YELLOW - For the bright sun that rises every day, shining over our players and our pitch


  • RISING SUN OVER LAKE MICHIGAN - Part of the reason why Racine is known as the "Belle City" is the sunrise that travels over the lakes
  • SEAGULL - The most common bird in the Racine/Kenosha area soaring above the great coasts of the counties
  • RKC LETTERING - Racine/Kenosha Counties, our home, and the beautiful cities our players and staff represent
  • 3C F.C. LETTERING - Stands for "Third Coast Football Club", a nod to the coasts of the Great Lakes that border Racine and Kenosha